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This version of Ukadoc has been translated from the original Japanese by members of the Ukagaka Dream Team. To see the original version, click here.

To submit corrections/updates, see our repository to open an issue or find where to contact us.

Note that some links, such as the below Bug Tracking System ToDo page, are for reporting issues on the original Ukadoc. Please direct issues related to this translated version to our repository.

Note also that some portions of the document have been localized to better suit an international audience. For example, the charset Shift_JIS has been replaced with UTF-8 in most examples, as Shift_JIS is not recommended for use in ghosts not written in Japanese.

About Ukadoc

This is the collection of documents edited by the Ukagaka-Related Specifications Intensive Documentation Project, UKADOC project.

These documents are to be considered the official documentation for SSP.

If you find any mistakes or have questions, opinions, requests, or wish to share information, please contact the Bug Tracking System ToDo page.

Quoting and referencing from this site for the purposes of ghost creation is welcome.

Applicable to the following versions:

  • SSP Latest version (official documentation)
  • MATERIA period 583
  • CROW ver0.5.2 (development version)

External links

How to use Ukadoc

The pages linked in the sidebar are sorted into categories, each containing information about the following:

File Composition

Explanations on the individual files that compose Ukagaka content and their directory structure.

A helpful reference for grasping a general image of what kind of files are needed or can be used.

Settings Files

Explanations about what's written in the individual settings files for each component of Ukagaka content.

Can be referenced while writing each file. Explanatory notes on usage are included as much as possible.


Explanations of each command used in SakuraScript, the operation instructions for the ghost.

Can be referenced when searching for what kind of commands are available and when executing them.


Explanations of the IDs of each event that is notified by the baseware with SHIORI, plugins, and such.

Details information about each event and their References regarding the creation of ghosts, plugins, and SHIORI.


A summary of the various standards related to Ukagaka content.

Mostly holds information on the principal parts of the system, including SHIORI, SAORI, and baseware.


An introduction to the basics of making Ukagaka-related content.

However, provision of tips for individual cases is not something that can be covered realistically, so for more specific information, please try external sites as well.


Miscellaneous notes on the specifications of baseware such as SSP and supplementary articles.